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Mesomap of Alaska Weather Network Stations

 Temperature   Dew Point   Humidity   Wind from direction @ Speed/Gust   Rain today   Barometer & Trend   Current Conditions   Fire Danger based on 
 Chandler Burn Index 

25 °F DP 20 °F 82 % Wind from NN  0 G 2 mph 0.00 in 28.82 inSteady Metar PANC: light Snow +Mist light Snow +Mist  Low  Anchorage

Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Circle Hot Springs

Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Fairbanks

38 °F DP 38 °F 98 % Wind from SSESSE  0 mph 0.10 in 29.15 inSteady Metar PAJN: light Rain light Rain  Low  Juneau

26 °F DP 24 °F 93 % Wind from ENEENE  0 mph 0.04 in 28.80 inSteady Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy  Low  Kenai

Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Saxman, Ketchikan

Conditions data shown was collected
from Mon, 17-Dec-2018 04:43:35 PST to Mon, 17-Dec-2018 04:44:02 PST

The Alaska Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather websites located in Alaska. This station is proud to be a member of this network. Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. Stations are displaying current conditions, temperature, dew point, humidity, wind speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometer/trend, and time of last update where available.

Current member stations of the Alaska Weather Network

as of Sat, 02-Nov-2013 08:29:53 PDT

  1. Alaska
    1. Anchorage [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    2. Circle Hot Springs [ Weather, WebCam ]
    3. Fairbanks [ Weather, WebCam ]
    4. Juneau [ Weather, WebCam ]
    5. Kenai [ Weather ]
    6. Saxman, Ketchikan [ Weather ]
Anchorage: 25°F, DP 20°F, 82%, N 0 G 2 mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 28.82in Steady, Metar PANC: light Snow +Mist Circle Hot Springs - no current conditions report Fairbanks - no current conditions report Juneau: 38°F, DP 38°F, 98%, SSE 0 mph, Rain: 0.10in, Baro: 29.15in Steady, Metar PAJN: light Rain Kenai: 26°F, DP 24°F, 93%, ENE 0 mph, Rain: 0.04in, Baro: 28.80in Steady, Partly Cloudy Saxman, Ketchikan - no current conditions report

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Dew Pt.
Wind Avg
Alaska Anchorage Metar PANC: light Snow +Mist 25 20 82 Wind from N 0 2 0.00
Steady 04:43:44
Alaska Juneau Metar PAJN: light Rain 38 38 98 SSE Wind from SSE 0 0.10
Steady 04:44:02
Alaska Kenai Partly Cloudy 26 24 93 ENE Wind from ENE 0 0 0.04
Steady 04:43:47


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